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Payment for Commission
Payment for commission

GIF Animation Commission?

Tue Oct 21, 2014, 10:07 PM

I was wondering about doing these animation commissions where a character looses clothes in a dating sim gif animation like this one below. (they aren't interactive its just an animation)
Dating Sim Animation- Milk Man by putt125(click on it to see the animation)
Something like this is going to cost way more than my normal commissions because each item would have to be on its own individual layer, and the price would vary depending on how long the animation would be, and how many items and facial features you would like the animation to have. This one above the hat, and shirt are on their own individual layer, but I made the pants to be removable too (but thats something NSFW XD I might do NSFW animations of these but i'll put the example somewhere else once I fix up my tumblr, or I can put it in my stash and link it to people who are interested, I havn't done the animation for that part yet, but the layers are present)

The animation would be done in a full color, with clean lineart, like the one above. Backgrounds would cost extra, unless you just want a normal gradient background then it wouldn't cost any extra.
I wanted to give an example price range. (I'll be giving it in both points and paypal) I know most of my watchers probably won't be able to afford this commission, but this one requires a lot of work and detail. Each layer has to be in its correct place and correct time other wise the animation would look odd or be hard to fix.

(waist up)
Example prices

(your commission will come with the basic facial expression the two facial expressions are just extra it goes like this (basic)->[face1]->[face2] etc.... )

(I use a widget to convert the points to dollars, I know 80 :points: =1$ but the widget takes 20% so I have to consider 100 :points: as a 1$ now )
One Piece of clothing (hat, shirt, or pants, dress, etc) & One facial expressions- 1300 :points: or 13$
Additional facial expressions- +200 :points: each or  $2
Additional Piece of Clothing- +400 :points: each or $4
Background- +400 :points: or $4

For NSFW stuff (like gentiles) its going to cost more, but I don't know how much yet.  
This may seem expensive, and it probably is for some people, but I hope you can understand the amount of work I have to put in in order to do commissions like this. But please also remember that you won't be getting a sketched animation, you will be getting a fully colored animation. Everything is done by scratch, I don't have anything where I can drag and drop to create this animation.  

Anyways! I would like to know how you guys think about this price, I'm not opening this as a commission yet but I would like to know from you guys. ^^ Oh and this isn't strictly to humans, I can do transformer OC's as well. ;P

If you have any questions about why it cost so much you can leave a comment below. I'll try to answer it, I feel like I'm going to get certain questions so I'll be answering them now. 
"Why does this commission cost more than your normal waist up commission which is only 400 :points:?"
Because each clothing is in its own layer, so I have to draw both the clothing(or armor) and the body underneath it. Also each facial feature has a different layer, and each blinking animation has its own layer as well. The drawing by itself takes me about 2-3 hr's (including background). And the animation takes about 1 hr. (this is saying if you wanted an animation the the example above) so thats about 4 hrs for 26$.  
"Could I get a discount if I buy more than one?"
I wish I could give people a discount, but actually this is cheaper than most commissions. If the base price was 20$ I probably would have given a discount but I'm cutting it pretty close with this commission, some artist change 10-15$ for a waist up commission, and that's without the animation. 
"Could I have two Characters in this commission?"
I can't do that, not with the experience I have. It's not the problem of drawing the characters, its the amount of layers and the animation I would have to put in, it would get super confusing. 
"Would this commission be mostly clothing removal and blinking?"
For now yes, I don't have adobe flash so It's hard to animate moving arms, I need more practice when it comes to moving arms or legs. The reason why its hard is because I use soft blended shading, so moving arms and legs would be extra work. I could make it where a girl covers her breast, but that means I would have to draw a completely different picture of her doing that, and the transition would be like the faces in the example animation above. 
"Whats the process of your GIF animation?"
I first draw out the character (in sai paint), like a normal picture but everything is in a separate layer, the facial features, the clothing (ex. the pants and shirt are in separate layers), and the body underneath it all.
I also use photoshop CS2 to add text and special effects. 
What I use for my GIF animation tool is Adobe Image Ready CS2.
Its better than gimp in my opinion, but I still have to put effort into the animation. The one above takes about 45 slides, most of that is taken up just by the blinking, just for the character to close its eyes it takes about 4-3 slides.
The animation above is only about 13 seconds long, but it takes an hour because I often have to switch back and forth to different layers, and test to make sure the animation doesn't act all weird. (the layers are just so confusing too, I label them all but it doesn't always help XD I get so crossed eyed )

:star: Say Hello to my new watchers :star:


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